Sunday, November 27, 2005

Click here for Episode 4:We're back and now weekly!

As previously mentioned, Smooth Groovers review is now a weekly podcast (effective from Monday 28th November 2005).

This week the team have at last completed there much awaited promised Fast track Artist review segment. The concept is to feature tiny snippets and the post commentary or paying a tribute to a fantastic artist. The fast track review artist featured on our latest podcast is Pat Metheny.

In addition, Master Move performs a great wind-up against the Professor and the Dr attempts to bring in some pop.

Please join in the fun by giving us feedback and telling us about your life experiences. On the podcast this week are reviews of:

Joyce Cooling: Expression from the album 'That girl can play'
Will downing: Soul stepping from the album 'Soul Symphony'
(See also:
Ken Navarro: Breathe from 'Love Coloured Soul'
(See also
Gorilliza: Dirty Harry from the album 'Demon Days'
Madonna: Future Lovers from the album 'CD Confessions of a dance floor'
Burt Bacharach: In our time and Always Taking time from the album 'At this time'

The Fast Track artist review was crafted by The professor and features 13 Tracks:

Pat Metheny -Emerged in the mid seventies, Pats been making great music for nearly 30 years, The pat metheny group was founded in 1977, the group has played all over world
- you can find out everything you want to know from the website -like they are the only group to win 7 consecutive grammys for seven consecutive albums.

Their 2005 album is called the way up and you can catch a piece of it straight from the website.

In the record shops you 'll most likely find his albums in the jazz sections but the albums will not be like anything youve heard before. The snippets here is not by any means the totality of pats work - just a few of my favourites.

There are jazzier examples inluding some interesting collaborations with other artists.
go to the website to find out more.
Track snippets are:

1 557
2 to the end of the world
3 afternoon
4 and then I kne
5 here to stay
6 James
7 last train home
8 first circle
9 facing west
10 dont know why
11 Red sky
12 we live here13 slip away

Lets also not forget the albums:
letter from home....1989
we live here........1995
speaking of now......... 2001/02
offramp 1982
still life talking 1987
the first circle 1984
one quiet night 2003
secret story

Pat's also worked on movies, for example: A map of the world 1999 and The falcon & The snowman 1985 (David Bowie).
As mentioned on the podcast, if anyone knows about his contribution to another 1985 film called Fandango with Kevin Costner, it would be really nice to know. The latter track is believed to be called September 21st.

On to the features oldies / discussion:

Disco Nights by GQ
The glow of love by Change (featuring the late great Luther Vandross)
Disco Inferno by The Players Association
Space by Magicfly

We closed with M-Peoples 'Search for a Hero' as it is such an inspiring song.

Take care till next week and Thanks again for your wonderful correspon_d_a_n_c_e!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Whoopee! i-tunes for our Podcast is now working!

Great news! After much experimenting and countless rebuilding of the Smooth Groovers podcast feed file we pleased (and relieved) to announce that our Podcast now works fine with i-Tunes.
Basically, after select our podcast from the list of available podcasts you can download any or all of our episodes directly into your connected mp3 device (ipod).

For those of you who are technical that are wondering why it wasn't working. Well, it was simply (!) where our mp3 files were located on the Radio KHL server - apparently the i-tunes script was not locating the subfolder we scripted.

Anyway, we've provided a link (again the green arrow above) for you to get i-tunes for free if you need it.

Remember to hang on in there, our next show is coming out on Monday 28th November '05 and will be weekly.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Click here for all Episodes - News on the Schedule?

Are you waiting for the next episode?
There is not long to wait, as Smooth Groovers are pleased to announce that episode/shows will be now be released on a weekly basis. Studio time has been booked this week and the Professor has already developed a fast track review artist slot.

We hope to release a new show every Monday from week commencing 28th November 2005.
In the meantime you can hear all the episodes available to date by using either Podfeed or

NB We are still experiencing some issues with i-Tunes but at least you can get to the online podcasts by using their signposts.

Best Regards

Monday, November 14, 2005

Click here for Episode 3 - I'll c u when u get there !

Our latest Podcast will be available once many of the podcast sites (for example, or syncronise with our .xml file. The power of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology facilitates an update to podcast sites within 24 hours of the date shown above. The link shown by the right facing green arrow should then show you the latest episode.

Anyway! Hey! Episode 3 is now available. We were keen this week, so we headed to the KHL studio within a week of the previous episode, especially as we were thinking about 7-10 days between each presentation.

This week we continue to talk about life, the universe and stuff against a back-drop of Smooth Sounds...featuring Down to the Bone (I Softly Surrender (To You) and Memphis Groove), Jeff Lorber (Flipside) & Santana (All that I am). We also revisited the past with the help of Quincy Jones (Theme from Ironside), Jeff Lorber (Gigabyte), Lou Rawls (I'll see you when you get there), Morrisey Mullen (Slipstream), Lee Ritenour (Countdown), Ground level (Dreams of Heaven), Seal (the beginning), Archie Bell and the Drells (Here I go again - on the Atlantic label not Motown!), Donald Byrd (Dominos), Feather (Lets Funk Tonight), Mass Production (Cosmic Lust), and Deodato(Night Crusier).

Please keep on listening and vote for us.
Many Thanks to all your kind messages we've been getting to our email through this site.

We look forward to your enjoyment and feedback. Simply click on the little envelope below to post your comments

PS We have experienced some slight file pick-up issues with i-tunes that we will resolve asap. However, other podreader sites, for example: ipodder (available from, and work fine.

Keep on enjoying life.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Find us now in iTunes

Great news!! With Many Thanks to Apple, we are now on iTunes.
The following: picture/guide shows you how to locate and subscribe to us.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Click here for Episode 2 - A Rainbow for your life!

Another episode of Smooth Groovers Review is now available.
This week Dr Groove, Master Move and Professor Smooth review the latest releases, including: Santana's (all that I am), Simply Red (Simplified), Anita Baker (My Everthing).

Having just popped back from the supermarket we've only just had a chance to quickly review the new Santana album called: All that I am - and what a gr8 album it is. The single release from this album features Michelle Branch and the Wreckers and is a wonderful upbeat track. You can catch the associated video at
Simply Red return with revamps of the past hits - updated with a fantastic salsa, jazz and funky set of rthymns. We also discuss Anita Baker's long awaited return album - My Everything, albeit that it has been around for a few months.

Listen out for our metaphor of the week!! A rainbow in your life.

The second half of our podcast episode consists of reviews and discussion revisiting the past, featuring: Lee Ritenour, Eddie Henderson, Imagination, Natural High, Soundscape, El Coco, HiTension and Acoustic Alchemy.

During this episode Prof Smooth really 'pushed the boat out' by sneaking in tons of oldies!

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Keep listening to whats been there and progressive sounds...