Saturday, August 26, 2006

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Welcome to Episode 26

With smooth Jazz, Soul, Funk, newies, memories and more!
This intro bit this week is our interpretation of The Rockford files!

This weeks newies include:

The fantastic Matt Godina - Thats The Way & Just Playin'. He has a fantastic mellow and happening sound. Find out more at:

3flow - Sending out and Wayman Tisdale with Lets Do It Again. Check them out at: and

One of our favourites, Chris Botti is also snippet-sized with Let There Be Love followed by Jonathan Butler – Rio. Be sure to visit: &

After a quick discussion about the difference between a newie and a semi-newies we found an excellent home for an amazing CD entitled: Conceptions - featuring an appreciation of Stevie Wonder. Check out the interpretations of Send One Your Love by Brian McKnight and unique track called Wonderful by India Aire.

This week's Fast-track review is the great Incognito , now celebrating over 25 years in the business of producing quality funk. Snippets mashed include:

Shine On,
Crazy For You,
Always There,
I Hear Your Name,
Journey Into Sunlight,
Parisienne Girl,
Adventures In Black Sunshine,
The 25th Chapter,
True To Myself,
Will I Ever Learn,
We Got Music,
Come Away With Me
Let The Mystery Be,
Reach Out,
Rivers Running Black,
On The Road Pt 2

Check out the Incognito albums on

For the World Music Fusion Spot - we investigate and enjoy the music From Spain.
A couple of tracks from 'All The Best - Spanish Flamenco 20 Great Favourites.
Plus 3 from a popular band from Spain called Mecano: Hijo De la Luna, Cruz & Bailando Salsa
Followed by OjosDe Brujo - Ventilator R-80.

Our OLDIES Include

2 in a row
Eddie Russ - Zaius, Scott Grooves ft. Roy Ayers - Expansions

3 in a row
Gary Bartz - Music, Chuck Loeb - Silver Star, Chris Rea -On The Beach

4 in a row
Banda Black Rio - Subindo O Morro, Bob Baldwin (ft Tom Browne & Marion Meadows) - Business Call, George Benson - You're Never Too Far From Home, Mike Mandel -Peg

2 in a row
Oliver Cheetham - Get Down Saturday Night, Players Association - Turn The Music Up!

We play out with...
Instant Funk – I’ve Got My Mind Made Up
Seal – The Beginning
Will Downing – A Love Supreme

Until next time - Keep in touch at: - You have no excuse to feel the funk and tell us about it!


At 6:10 AM, Anonymous Helen said...

I'm a great fan of Incognito. Nice feature.

At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Gote said...

A very good show. Just started Listening to podcasts. Thanks.

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Master Move said...

Thanks Helen & Gote.
Episode 27 will be a little late
so please check back regularly for the latest news.

---- Master Move


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